Foam and Gaskets

Foam Tape

Superlon foam tape provides a fast and easy method to insulate pipes and fittings. It can achieve a very neat looking installation, and is particularly useful for insulating short lengths of pipework. Furthermore, it can insulate hard to reach areas with ease.

With a standard size of 2” (50mm) width, 30’ (9.14m) length and a thickness of 1/8” (3mm), Superlon foam tape, self-adhering strips can prevent energy losses and control condensation. With an engineered closed cell structure, Superlon foam tape is the best complement for Superlon tubes and sheets.

Gasket Tape

Superlon gasket tape can be used in a wide array of applications mainly for vibration dampening and cushioning to reduce impact. With a standard size of 15mm width, 10m length and a thickness of 5mm, Superlon gasket tapes can also be used as a seal ducting joints to prevent air from escaping.


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