Glue and Weather Paint

Adhesive Glue

Superlon adhesive glue is a contact adhesive excellent for seams and joining butt joints for Superlon pipes and sheets. The adhesive can also be used on metal and curved surfaces such as ducting and chillers and is proven to be effective in preventing air and moisture penetration if applied properly.

Available in 1 litre and 3.36 litres, Superlon adhesive is a very important accessory to have in all installation jobs.


Weather Paint

Superlon weather paint is a clear, water-based coating designed especially for outdoor use. It is used to prolonging the lifespan of the insulation under ultra-violet (UV) rays and adds an extra protective layer to protect from other outdoor conditions.

For harsh and extreme UV conditions, Superlon recommends the use of UV resistant jacketing which is available upon request.


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