• company overview

Superlon was incorporated in Malaysia under the Act on 7th November 1992 as private limited company under the name of Villa Mutiara Sdn Bhd and subsequently assumed its present name Superlon Worldwide Sdn Bhd on 20th October 2002.

Superlon is predominantly involved in the manufacturing of elastomeric closed cell rubber insulation products. These products are designed purposefully for providing thermal insulation for the HVAC/R industries. Some of the major applications include vapour barrier for the prevention of condensation or frost formation on cooling systems, chilled water and refrigeration lines and heat loss reduction for hot water plumbing and heating, dual temperature piping and solar powered systems. Superlon products can also be used to protect pipes against corrosion and act as a vibration damper. Other application areas for Superlon’s NBR rubber apart from thermal insulation are sports equipment that utilises rubber such as grips and handles, exercise mats, automotive insulation material for heat/cold insulation as well as vibration and noise suppression, foamed pipes for ornamentals and toys, special industrial-foamed pipes, thermo items, steering wheel covers and other rubber replaceable applications.

• export countries

• vision statement

To contribute to the overall reduction in energy consumption of households and businesses in Malaysia and the region through provision of thermal insulation products thereby improving the profitability of businesses and reducing the expenses of households.

• mission statement

To be globally recognised as a manufacturing company that produces high quality thermal insulation materials for both households and businesses.
To continuously be innovative on the applications of elastomeric NBR across other industries.
To build a global brand name within the thermal insulation industry.


• product description

Insulation Materials
Fitness Mat / Accessories
HVAC&R Parts
Foam Materials

• certificate awards

Cert No. 402887
ISO 9001
Quality Management System (QMS) Standards of ISO 9001:2000, EN ISO 9001:2000, BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and MS ISO 9001:2000 applicable to development and manufacture of nitrile rubber insulation material for air-conditioning and refrigeration.
Cert. No. KLR 0197083
ISO 14001
Environmental Management System (EMS) Standards of ISO 14001:2004, EN ISO 14001:2004, BS EN ISO 14001:2004 and MS ISO 14001:2004 applicable to development and manufacture of nitrile rubber insulation material for air-conditioning and refrigeration.
Excellence Brand – Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Award
This award is nominated to strong and stable businesses in the market, and those with excellent performance in all areas or which have pioneered and made significant contributions towards society.
Outstanding SME Golden Bull Award Being awarded this distinction is a great achievement as it is an indicator or recognition of us as one of the top Malaysian SMEs for outstanding performance and achievements which may enhance our reputation for excellence and trustworthiness.
Member of National Insulation Association, USA.
Certified manufacturer of Underwriters laboratories Inc., USA.