Installation Guide

Superlon Installation Manual

  • Correct installation will improve the lifespan and performance of the insulation
  • Installing insulation materials in ventilated areas will improve insulation performance

Before you install –

You must first determine the appropriate thickness of your insulation materials based on the following four factors:

  • Ambient Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Pipe Size (outer diameter of pipe)
  • Line Temperature

Observe the Ambient Temperature and Relative Humidity of the area you are working on. Choose the thickness of insulation materials according to the highest Ambient Temperature, Relative Humidity, Pipe Size and Line Temperature. Please refer to the Recommended Thickness guide on page 12 or speak to Superlon advisors.


Apply glue to both sides/ends

Wait for 3-5 minutes for glue to dry and join the sides/ends together

Prepare foam tape and apply foam tape to the joined area

Do not apply too much pressure when applying foam tape. Do not stretch

Making sure the gap is completely sealed will enhance insulation quality

Good installation – Joining area sealed with foam tape to avoid temperature loss through contact with air

Bad installation –  Two copper tubes inserted into one insulation tube, may cause damage to the copper tubes due to friction. Joining area sealed tightly with duct tape causing damage to the foam structure, reducing the insulation thickness and may lead to condensation.

Superlon tips:

  • Use one insulation tube per pipe. It is important for the pipe to fit nicely inside the insulation tube to avoid excessive air around the pipe. Excessive air with cause the pipe to lose temperature
  • Be gentle when you apply insulation materials. Applying too much pressure will cause deformation to the thickness of insulation material and will affect efficiency.
  • Always use aluminum coating or weather paint to protect your outdoor insulation installation. Without these, the lifespan and performance of the insulation material can be reduced
  • Do not insert wires together

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