Remuneration Committee

Terms of Reference

Remuneration Committee’s Terms of Reference

The Remuneration Committee comprises Non-Executive Directors, namely the following:-

Chun Kwong Pong as Chairman
Lim Wee Keong as Member
Yee Wei Meng as Member

The objective of the remuneration policies is to attract and retain suitable directors to lead and control the Group effectively. Generally, the remuneration of directors reflects the level of responsibility and commitment that goes with the Board’s membership.

Directors’ Remuneration

The remuneration of the Executive Directors is recommended to the Board by the Remuneration Committee so as to attract, retain, motivate and incentivise Directors of the necessary calibre needed to lead the Superlon Group successfully.

For Executive Directors, the component parts of the remuneration are structured so as to incentivise the individual according to the performance of the Group. The Remuneration Committee is to recommend to the Board the framework and remuneration package for each Executive Director. The Remuneration Committee meets periodically to consider all aspects of the Executive Directors’ performance for recommendation of remuneration, drawing external advice when necessary.

In the case of Non-Executive Directors, the level of remuneration is based on their level of responsibilities. The determination of remuneration packages of Non-Executive Directors, including the Non-Executive Chairman, is decided by the Board as a whole.

The respective Directors abstain from discussing and deliberating on their own remuneration and Directors’ fees must be approved by shareholders at the AGM.

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