Environmental Social and Governance Policies

Environmental Social and Governance Policies


  1. Policy Statement
  2. Superlon is committed to operating its business in a responsible manner with proper regard to its legal obligations and according to relevant directives, regulations and codes of conduct. Superlon is also committed to take account of the economic, social and environmental impact in the way its businesses operate.

  3. Environmental Policy
  4. Superlon is committed to:-

    • Comply with all relevant environmental legislations;  Prevent pollution whenever possible;
    • Integrate the consideration of environmental concerns and impacts into the decision making and activities of the company’s business;
    • Provide training to employees to raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage them to play an active role in commitment to the environmental policy;
    • Encourage suppliers to improve their environmental performance where possible;  Minimize waste and to reuse or recycle as much as possible.

  5. Social Policy
  6. Superlon encourages:-

    • Acting with honesty and integrity. Ethical business practices are to be applied in dealing with stakeholders. Superlon shall not seek to influence any parties through the payment of bribes or any other unethical payment or practice;
    • Treating employees with respect and dignity. Unlawful harassment or discrimination, consistent with applicable laws, based on race, religion, gender, age, marital status or etc. are not to be accepted or practiced;
    • Working and supporting local and national charities;
    • Encouraging employees to volunteer work in community activities;
    • Supporting local schools.

  7. Governance Policy
  8. Superlon shall apply the recommendation as outlined in the Malaysia Code of Corporate Governance 2012 (“the Code”) and state any exception in the Statement of Corporate Governance in the Annual Report.

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